steps into the unknown

Harald Kimmig

„It is always the music itself that shows the way and encourages me to take the path into the unknown. I make this my task and listen and be amazed.”

Harald Kimmig

Foto: Marc Doradzillo



Harald Kimmig is an improvising musician and performer. In his work he uses improvisation to explore sounds and artistic forms and their interdisciplinary interactions with other arts. In his ensembles he plays improvised music. He combines sounds produced on the instrument with conventional violin playing in a virtuoso manner and has developed an unmistakable sound and style over the years. In his performances, he also combines his violin playing with dance and movement sequences, which makes his performances unique.

In these performances, Harald Kimmig uses a wide variety of media to examine the mechanisms of action of different genres and arts as well as their influence on the human self: the possibilities, challenges, problems, but also the joys in encountering the other, the foreign, the familiar. Multimedia stage plays and installations intuitively explore and play out the respective laws, the similarities and differences and the reflections in others. What keeps the network of connections intact – but how and when does it fall apart?

In the past, he worked with Peter Kowald, Cecil Taylor (CD ‘Corona’ Looking), John Tchicai, Steve Lacy, Anzu Furukawa, Hide Heshiki, Michael Schumacher and many more.

Currently violin solo, Trio Kimmig-Studer Zimmerlin; Trio KHW (with Sascha Henkel, guitar and Christian Weber, double bass); Duos with Erikm (electronics); with Sascha Henkel, guitar, electronics (le Manchot Analphabétique); Lilo Stahl (dance) duo; Emilio Guim (e-guitar), Ephraim Wegner (electronics), and other.

Numerous CD, dance, theater and radio productions. More under DATES and UPCOMING.

Theater Prize 2019: Dance and theater prize of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the city of Stuttgart for the performance ‘interface’. More under SPECIALS.

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